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Dear Fellow SFI Member:

Welcome to SFIbuddy.Com, providing leads and innovative tools to grow your SFI business while building a new Secondary Income Stream.

SFIbuddy.Com was created by SFI Affiliates for SFI Affiliates. Silver Team Leader Jim Wingo is the owner. Jim, along with partner "Rockin" Reggie South", is also the creator of RadioSFI.Com and other SFI marketing tools available on TripleClicks (And Free with your Silver or Gold SFIbuddy Membership).

Our 3 Ad Co-Op's

SFIbuddy operates 3 separate ad co-ops. As a paid member you receive shares in all 3.

Each month we purchase advertising in various biz op magazines along with thousands of internet banner ads, classified ads, mobile ads, traffic exchange ads and email campaigns.

Co-op #1: In this co-op our ads offer a free eBook download about how to make money with Affiliate Marketing. People request the eBook by submitting their name and email address. When someone responds to one of these ads they go into the Follow Up System of the next member in the co-op rotation. Then, over the next 30 days, they receive a series of follow up emails describing all the features and benefits of SFI including TripleClicks, Pricebenders, the ECA program and all the fun games available.

Since many people are reluctant to give their name and email address this co-op does not generate as many leads as our other two co-ops but since we have the name and address of the prospects they are our most valuable leads.

Co-op #2: With this co-op we run business opportunity ads that lead directly to your various SFI gateways. We do not require prospects to enter their personal name and email address to access this information so we get a lot more leads from this co-op.

Co-op #3: With this co-op we target existing SFI members. Our ads encourage them, to check out how SFIbuddy can help them build their SFI business and earn a secondary income at the same time. In other words we will be helping you build your SFI downline AND your SFIbuddy downline!

Choose From 4 Different Membership Options

Bronze Membership: Cost $19.95 per month and includes one share of all the leads generated from our ad co-op's. Earn referral commissions and matrix commissions.

Silver Membership: Cost $39.95 per month and includes two share of all the leads generated from our ad co-op's, a free RadioSFI membership and additional marketing tools. Earn referral commissions and matrix commissions.

Gold membership: is $59.95 and includes three shares of all the leads generated from our ad co-op's along with a free RadioSFI membership and other marketing tools.

Affiliate Option: No cost to join. Earn commissions on personal referrals only. (No leads or free RadioSFI membership).

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We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Disclaimer: is not affiliated with, endorsed by or recommended by Carson Services, Inc. is an independant marketing tool owned and operated by successful SFI affiliates.


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